July 12th, 2004


Anthrocon Day 3 - Closing

First thing of the day after breakfast (which was a little late), was to head to the fursuit lounge to prepare for the Fursuit Parade. Then, at a quarter to noon, we all headed to the main ballroom. The parade started from there, looped around the Dealer's Room and Artist Alley, went outside to the front of the hotel, came in and looped around The Zoo, and then went downstairs and back into the main ballroom for the photo shoot.

After that, I remained in suit and did a few walk-arounds in the Dealer's Room and upstairs to see if anyone wanted a picture with or of the costume. (So I have no photos today because I did the fursuiting. :) )

It got a little late so I had a quick lunch. Then when I got back, it was time to check out of the Art Show. Went into the Art Show and saw that all the pieces I put up had sold! I hadn't been watching the bids so I have no idea how much they sold for but it should be at least $12 (sum of the minimum bids I set) before Art Show fees.

Then I went to the Closing Ceremony. I missed the first part but from what I gather, there are about 2,400 attendees and 150 fursuiters in the parade, both numbers significantly higher than in the previous year. Remained in the ballroom after closing for a special screening of Kaze: Ghost Warrior.

Got a bit sick at around dinnertime but that went away in about an hour so I headed down to the Fursuit Deaddog Party. They had music and pizza. Unfortunately, there was an incident where someone had alcohol poisoning and had to be taken away in an ambulance and unclekage came in and found a bottle of liquor in the room. *forehead smack*