July 13th, 2004


West Chester, PA

Must be the monsoon season. It was raining very heavily pretty much the whole day long. However, I did head over to West Chester as planned and got 12 caches between there and Kennet Square. Used an umbrella and rain jacket, which didn't quite work well enough.

After I was done, I stopped at the Wawa in Chadds Ford to get something to eat. I like their Italian Wedding Soup, which I'm rarely able to obtain as it seems to be available only on Mondays. Anyway, I was parked facing US-1 so I watched the cars go by — most of them, too fast for a rainy day — as I ate. Then it happened. There was a honk as someone cut in and forced someone else to come to a complete stop. Then the poor fellow was rear-ended by one of the fast-moving vehicles in that lane. Neither vehicle was disabled so they both drove off somewhere. There was a pile of debris, which I later had to avoid, left on the road.

After that, it was time to go home for real. Traffic on US-202 and the PA Turnpike was very heavy. It's probably worse because of the rain although I think rush hour traffic around Philly can get pretty bad in any weather as I've seen in previous years. Anyway, it took so long to get out of Pennsylvania that I made another Wawa stop in Florence. Bonus! Filled up with the cheap gas there and got some stuffed pretzels. Went back on the NJ Turnpike and from there, it was smooth sailing at a slightly lower than usual speed because of the rain.

Got home and there was a pile of mail. The free business cards I ordered from Vistaprint had arrived. Not bad, even if I was just using one of their canned designs.

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