July 17th, 2004


Not the Raritan Sheraton

I was planning to go to FurFright so I called the Sheraton Bradley in Windsor Locks, CT this afternoon to make a reservation. The reservation clerk told me that the special $89 group rate is only available for the nights of Oct 22 and 23 so okay, that's what I booked. And I mentioned that restriction at furfright.

Well, according to bearknight, the rate is supposed to be good for July 21 to 25 so he checked with the hotel and it turned out that the hotel was in error. So, okay... thanks to bearknight, the matter got straightened out...

Then I called later, at night, to extend my reservation and was again told by the reservation clerk that the rate is only available for Oct 22 and 23. After some back and forth, he put me through to a manager who confirmed that the rate is indeed available for all those days but the reservation system had not been corrected to reflect that. And no one was around who could do that. Oh well, but good thing we're not in a hurry here. :)

Anyway, I'm going ahead and sending in the pre-reg for FurFright. See you there, anyone who's going.

Updated my fursuit page. Since I found some photos of it posted on the web, I took the liberty of linking to those. I see there's a bit of a problem with the leg riding up but I know how to fix that.