July 20th, 2004

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Retreat Treat

Went out to visit the George's "Retreat"! geocache in New Milford this evening. Funny thing is I come within a short distance of this location rather frequently. It is between the Chinese supermarket in River Edge and a number of places (Target, White Manna, etc) in Hackensack. Anyway, I believe the cache name is derived from the historical Washington's Retreat Route of 1776, which passes through the neighborhood, although the specific location is a fairly typical swampy North Jersey wooded lowland area.

Other things...

Caught someone in my parking space again, except this time, as I was driving in, I saw him hurriedly putting his shirt back on. Honestly, I didn't want to know what he'd been doing so I turned and waited for him to drive off before parking.

The nutso pump attendant is still working at the nearby Middle Ridge Express station. I'd forgotten about him and went to fill up there so it was my second encounter. The funny thing is he wasn't perturbed about the Where's George dollars. He just doesn't want singles, which is odd because everyone else needs small change. Anyway, I told him never mind and I drove over to a different gas station. I'm a bit torn between leaving this alone and never going to that gas station again, or complaining about it since he told me that in a rather rude way. What might tilt the balance is it wouldn't be fair to the gas station owner if I put the business on my blacklist without saying why. So I may still write a letter.