July 25th, 2004


Harriman Pirates & Picnic Event

Had a great time at this picnic in Harriman State Park. (Lake Kanawauke picnic area) The weather threatened to rain all morning but it turned into a pretty fine day with mild temperatures. Saw a lot of people who were also at last weeks event on Long Island, and also some new faces from Upstate NY.

I was able to finish all 10 geocaches that were placed for the event. (I think at least one of them may be permanent.) It was a little chaotic as I started with one group, and then did a little on my own and somehow joined up with another group. And then everyone converged on one of the caches. We all bushwhacked through some stretches of mountain laurel and blueberry bushes (and one swamp, inadvertently) but nothing too difficult. There were some problems with the coordinates and calculations but everything got straightened out towards the end.

Cache list...Collapse )