July 29th, 2004

morton blvd

Native American Landform of Higher Elevation (or Indian Hill)

Got the blown left headlight replaced this afternoon. Funny thing is when I get the headlight replaced, it's a headlamp assembly, but when I got the turn signal replaced a few months back, it was just one bulb. Why is that an assembly in one case and a bulb in the other? A bulb replacement would be easier to DIY.

Anyway, this evening's adventure was in Indian Hill up in Southfield, NY to find the The Bates Motel- Illusion at Indian Hill geocache. The cache location was an old building that could well have been a multiple dwelling, perhaps even a hotel, because it has a number of rooms that all open out into a courtyard. (But not the Courtyard by Marriott. :) )

Pictures of Bates Motel...Collapse )