August 9th, 2004


NYC + Long Island

Somewhat different route this Sunday. Went from Central Jersey into Staten Island, and then Brooklyn and further East into the rest of Long Island. Traffic was HEAVY. More so than usual for a Sunday. Probably the nice weather is sending everyone out to the beaches. Highway construction all around the city and that accident on the NJ Turnpike didn't help matters.

Anyway, because of the traffic, I didn't get to do all the caches I wanted but I still got 8 out of 11 attempted. Of the 3 not found, 2 of them were microcaches with not enough info and I didn't feel like combing the flowerbeds. And the 3rd cache I could not found was in an area where most of the trees had been chopped down so I don't think it's there any more.

The caches...Collapse )

And finally, according to some fellow geocachers, I was indeed on the WB-11 News, along with a number of others who were at the picnic. Haven't seen that myself because I was late coming home but I think someone will be putting the video up on the web soon.