August 21st, 2004

fox stand

Mutual Fund Madness

As a followup to yesterday, I called Strong Brokerage today to see if I could exchange out of the soon-to-be-liquidated Oakmark Small Cap Fund and into the Oakmark International Small Cap Fund. Well, it turned to be a little more involved than I thought. First, I got through to Operations and explained the situation. The rep thought it should be doable but wasn't sure if US Clearing would block the transaction. So they'd record the transaction and try that.

Later, I got a call back from Strong and the rep said that US Clearing hadn't received any information about this special exchange trade from Oakmark so they could not process the transaction. He advised me to call Oakmark and request that the information be sent to US Clearing so the transaction could be approved. Okay, so I did that and the Oakmark rep told me that the information had already been sent out to everyone a while back. So what we have here is a failure to communicate!

Called Strong again to inform them that Oakmark had already sent the information. As of the afternoon, a bunch of them were researching that. Oh boy.

Thunderbird and Noia/Cute

Upgraded to Thunderbird 0.7.3, mainly for the security fixes. Seems like the Extension Manager changed again so that some extensions are not showing up and "Show Old Extensions" no longer works. *sigh* Doesn't seem to be as big a problem since, as I discovered, the extensions I installed still work. It's just somewhat annoying that they aren't listed.

I noticed that Mozilla Update now has a bunch of themes for Thunderbird. So I downloaded and installed them all.

So far I like the Noia/Cute theme best of all. It's a trendy shades of grey with aqua highlights. The Thunderbird icon spins when Thunderbird checks the mail servers. And the unread mail icon is a paw print!

Unread mail in Noia/Cute theme
Look at all those unread paw prints email! :)

And now the problems...Collapse )