August 29th, 2004


Cache Dash to 3000!

Saturday, what a day! I didn't think I would make it, considering that I'd only gotten about 5 finds or so by noon, but things really picked up in the afternoon and by dusk, I had 16 finds for the day and the 3000-find milestone looked within reach. I only had to get the last 2 geocaches in the dark. So the whole adventure started at 6:30am in the morning, when I woke up, and concluded at 11:55pm when I got my 3000th cache in Bloomsbury, NJ! (Well, okay, it concluded when I got home at around 1:30am but that doesn't sound as good.)

Most of the caches were in Western Bucks County and part of Montgomery County in Pennsylvania. A few were in Chester County. And the 2 rest area caches were back in New Jersey. Western Bucks County and Montgomery County are something else altogether. It's like a completely different country. No roads that I'd call highways. The area is generally a network of small towns. Not very much traffic. And the geocaches... it looks like geocaching but hardly like it is in New Jersey. Nearly all the caches are big. Ammo cans. And none of them are well-hidden. Indeed, some were just sitting out behind a tree or bush very close to a trail or fishing spot. You just had to go and look, so I'm wondering why they don't get stolen. I'm reminded of the geocaching situation in Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads. Maybe the people in the area just don't take stuff that isn't theirs.

As one might expect in an 18-cache run, almost everything that could happen did happen. I encountered overgrown brush and some very rough trails. Got attacked by hornets at one location. (skipped that cache) Witnessed an auto accident in Phoenixville. (I don't know how that could happen in a town with not that much traffic but it did.) What's surprising is I didn't get any mud at all. That's one more way in which that region differs from New Jersey.

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