August 30th, 2004

fox sit

Lazy Sunday

I think I can take a break for once and stay home. Did get to catch up on some sleep.

Went out for a little while in the afternoon to use a 20%-off web coupon at Borders. (their Ramsey branch is one of the few stores in Bergen County open on Sunday. How did they get an exemption from the Blue Laws?) Also went to CVS to get a few items and use a "$3 off a $10" purchase coupon. Of course, every time I use a coupon, the machine at the register prints out a few more coupons so it never ends. They must have big margins in order to swallow a 30% discount, unless they're counting on that coupon promotion bringing in a lot of loyal repeat business.

Then I went to the Tiffany Diner in Ramsey. I hadn't been there in 9 months or so, but the first thing the waiter asked me is "How's your business?" *blink* Is there something I'm missing? Maybe I should've asked about that because for all I know, I could've had amnesia and forgotten what exactly it is that I'm supposed to be doing. Now wouldn't that be an idea for a novel?