October 2nd, 2004

Nanowrimo 2004

The Fish-fingered Fingers of Fate

It appears that I've gone and joined Nanowrimo again. Oh bother. :) The website looks more interesting this year though, with the countdown clock and collective word count.

TravelZoo is $54 a share and has an $800 mil market cap? How did that happen? As you may recall, this is the Internet startup that, for a while, gave away shares at their website.

Borrowed from lostinjersey:

The Worst Jobs in History

You scored 70 points.

70 to 100 You're bold as brass and brave as a lion, but not such a messy pup. You might be prepared to cope with being an Arming squire with its potential for you becoming a knight, but you're actually ideally suited to some of the high-risk worst jobs such as Topman, Powder monkey, fish-fingered Viking sailor/warrior, outnumbered Riding officer, Petardier's assistant or even Guillemot-egg collector.

Fish-fingered? Guillemot egg?? :)