October 8th, 2004

fox yawn

Visually impaired as a bat

Went for an eye exam at the mall this evening since I need to do that this year. Other than generally poor eyesight, there are no other problems yet. Here are the numbers from the prescription, in case they mean anything to anyone:

  Sphere Cylinder Axis
OD -5.50 -3.25 180
OS -7.00 -3.50 3

Need to have new glasses made too. Of course, the problem now is finding frames that fit. Nearly all the plastic frames are too small. (My head is apparently too big. :) ) Can't use metal frames as I've had numerous problems with lenses slipping out of those. And finally, large frames usually have bridges that are too broad and therefore don't fit my nose. What I may do is bring in an older pair of glasses and have them just put in new lenses.