October 15th, 2004


Chestnut Ridge

It rained today but in the evening, I visited a nearby park to see if there's a suitable spot for a geocache. It's a suburban park that is mostly football field and tennis courts. However, I went around to the back of the tennis courts and yes, there is a trail leading into the wooded area. Not a very large wooded area though. I'd say you can walk 500 feet one way or 800 feet the other way before hitting a fence or someone's yard or the Garden State Parkway. Also, it's probably a good idea to stay some distance away from the fence and the Parkway so the potential hiding area is further limited. I'll look around again back there another evening. (Actually, I'm hoping someone else will hide a cache there and do the hard work of finding a suitable spot. :) )

Saw a car stuck on the median at the intersection of Lake St and Route 17. The ramp may have been a bit slick from the rain. Had to wait a few minutes while they tried to get the car back onto the road but they did manage to do that without too much apparent damage to the car.

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