October 18th, 2004


Long Island

Nice day out, even if it was getting chilly. The longest hike of the bunch was a 4-mile round trip to visit 3 caches in Warbler Woods and Fox Lair. My guess is I could have moved the car after the first cache to park closer to the other two but I thought it would be better to just do the walk. Shortest hike was... well, the roadside one in Floral Park. (about 30 feet from the road)

Very light traffic on the way home. Must have been too nippy for the Hamptons crowd. I saw a sign on the George Washington Bridge saying "Camera Use Prohibited". I'm not sure when that sign was added but I guess it's official now: taking pictures is terrorism. Never mind that the bridge already appears in some movies, on the web and on postcards.

New glitch in the GPS receiver: Turning on the backlight now shuts off the display, so it becomes a backlit nothing. Not a serious problem since I usually just point the flashlight at the GPS to read it in the dark in order to conserve battery power.

The caches...Collapse )