October 23rd, 2004

morton blvd

Enroute to Windsor Locks

This morning, I tossed the remaining few items into the car and set off to the Bradley International Airport for FurFright. Of course, there's no harm in finding a few geocaches along the way. Except that a few turned out to be 12, and going to Connecticut somehow involved a bit of a loop up through Massachusetts! :) (Yes, I did finally get some Massachusetts caches. New state for me.)

Fall foliage is really great in New England. Lots of reds and oranges along the highways and streets.

I like the Route 15 tunnel that goes through the mountain. I think it's between New Haven and Hamden.

Somewhere along I-91, I happened to glance at a meadow next to the highway. There were about a dozen cows there and one cow was on top of another cow. Well, add that to the list of lifetime things I've seen.

The hotel is smallish. Reminds me of the time when Anthrocon was held at the Holiday Inn in King of Prussia. And high speed internet access in the room is free. Nice.

The caches...Collapse )