October 27th, 2004

fox sit

Negative Time

There was another email outage that apparently began while I was at FurFright. Since I had a little time to tinker with it, I tried a few things and determined that the problem was not with Spamcop but a bit upstream from there, my web/domain host. So I went to their funky support system -- which changes completely every year so I have to create a new login every time I have a problem to report -- and opened a support ticket. Unfortunately, I did a reload in the wrong place by accident and got two support tickets. I closed the second one and this is the result:
Subject: Cannot send/forward email from domain

Status 	        Closed
Date of Request	01:46 PM, 10/26/04
Date Closed	06:00 PM, 12/31/69
Total Time Open	-305227 hrs, 13.60000000149 min
Ticket ID 	36805
Negative time! Okay, the most likely cause is a bug where the backend didn't set the closing time but it'd be funny if I opened a support ticket to report a problem in the support ticket system.

Anyway, a support tech responded to the ticket and email seems to be getting through now. However, the comment he wrote didn't sound like he even knew what the problem was so maybe he was lucky and it fixed itself somehow. I think I need a new webhost.

In other news, I won $32 million$2 in MegaMillions. :)