December 22nd, 2004

fox sit

You, Sir, are not a Mega Man in this State!

Won $31 million $2 in Mega Millions. It just had to happen on a ticket I bought in Virginia Beach, didn't it? Oh well. I'll just keep it until my next trip to Virginia.

Didn't do much today, except for catching up on a lot of things that I didn't do while traveling. The highlight of the day was... going to Popeye's and having crawfish. I knew they had crawfish on the menu but I was busy so I didn't go and get it until today. Crawfish fried up in batter is not bad at all. And Popeye's has pretty good tartar sauce too.

Gas is more expensive in Northern New Jersey than Virginia Beach. Ugh!
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Does anyone need a Gmail invite?

I thought they stopped doing that a while back but I checked and there are now 4 invitations in my Gmail account.