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Went to to Mercer, Bucks, Philadelphia and Chester Counties as planned. Got 10 out of 14 caches, which isn't great but I think at least one of them may have been stolen recently.

Met McQ, a local geocacher, at Tamanend Park. It was a good thing he got there as I didn't know the cache coordinates had been corrected. However, he didn't have the updated info as he was just there to try to find the cache on the way to the supermarket. (ah, someone who understands the addiction :) ) So I used my cell phone to retrieve the new coordinates with wireless web access. Worked great and we did find the cache.

One weird thing that happened is I was at Edge Hill Woods going back downhill to the street when I came face-to-face with someone in a full police-type uniform. I was wondering what I did wrong but it turned out that he wasn't there to question anyone or investigate anything. He was just going for a walk in the afternoon, up a steep trail and in uniform. How odd.

Mary's Birthday Cache (New Jersey)
Ewing Cemetery in Ewing. Easy find in a quiet place.

The Big Game Hunt (Pennsylvania)
Martins Creek in Morrisville. Not as hard as the difficulty and terrain would suggest. A bit easier for now as I saw a path of flattened vegetation going all the way to the cache.

Coor Creek Park # 4 Stupid cache (Pennsylvania)
Coor Creek Park in Langhorne.

Button, Button, Cute as a Button !!! (Pennsylvania)
Tamanend Park in Southampton. Started searching and McQ arrived at the scene and informed me that coordinates had been updated. Then we teamed up to search for the cache.

Castle Cache (Pennsylvania)
Edge Hill Woods in Glenside.

Robbins Park Cache (Pennsylvania)
Robbins Park in Upper Dublin. This place has a lot of trail signs. They got a bit carried away, I think. For example, "Bullmoose Bog" is just a little mudhole.

Cub Camp Cache (Pennsylvania)
Fort Washington State Park in Fort Washington. Pretty simple. I think this cache was placed for a recent geocaching event that I didn't attend.

SBUX 57- Station Break (Pennsylvania)
Starbucks in Paoli. Simple cache and dash.

Rose Colored Busses (Pennsylvania)
Apartment complex in West Chester. A simple one although some vertically challenged folk have had problems with it.

West Chester University is West Chester. A little natural area between two roads with convenient campus parking.


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