January 2nd, 2005

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New Year's Day

The day did not start on a good note. First thing of the day, I got an email of a log deletion notice from geocaching.com. No explanation so I went to check the cache page and saw a note from the cache owner saying not to post pictures of the cache or its location.

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Lots of stores were closed today. One exception was the Chinese supermarket. So I went and got a lunch box there, and a bunch more snacks. I like the curry-filled pastries, although the stuffed yam pastries are good too.

However, the police didn't take the day off. The speed trap that has been at the same spot on the Garden State Parkway for the last two weeks is there again today. (Unless, of course, the police were being tricky and left their car on the median to make everyone slow down. Can't tell if anyone is in there with those tinted windows.)

Back home, I needed to retrieve an electronic statement and found that Ameritrade was in slow-as-molasses mode, so I did a web search to see if anyone else has been having problems with them. Found this page of complaints. No surprise there. However, I also found out about Freetrade, a division of Ameritrade offering commission-free equity trades. In return, they cut out telephone and mail service. (Depending on how you feel about Ameritrade's customer service, this may not be a downside. :) ) My first inclination would be to transfer from my Ameritrade account to a Freetrade account. The transfer fee will be $25, but 3 trades will more than make up for that. I'm wondering if there is a catch to this deal that I haven't thought of yet. Well, no hurry. I'll think about it. Then again, in light of Ameritrade's website problems, I should probably switch to somewhere else altogether.

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