January 8th, 2005


The Eternal Change Purse Question (ECPQ)

Why aren't there change purses for men? If you have change, where do you keep it?

I checked the major retailers, i.e. Target, K-Mart, and that other one whose name begins with W. (Walgreens, yeah that's it. :) ) Typically, you would find the change purses near either the lingerie or the pocketbook section, and they fall into one or more of the following categories:
  1. Change purses with frills and doodads. Even if it is a leather purse, there'd be an extra frill of leather. Or it would have buttons, plastic glitter stuff, or some extraneous decoration along these lines.

  2. Fabric change purses with a floral design and a clasp, much like grandma used to carry before she got hip to the times. :)

  3. Frankenpurses that look like 2 or 3 change purses stitched together.
Given those choices, I think I would prefer the 3rd kind because I can unstitch a frankenpurse and separate it into multiple normal-looking change purses. That would be a pretty good deal.