February 15th, 2005

Love Lane


Delaware River Delaware River

As seen from the Portland-Columbia footbridge.

Valentine's Day. It snowed in the afternoon, but that changed to rain, and it has been raining since.

It was time to do one of my periodic CD-R backups. One of the things I had to do was to enter all the account statements into Quicken so that I could back that up too. There was a problem though, when it came to Ameritrade. I tried logging on to the Ameritrade website and my password didn't work. Oh yeah, I already transferred the account over to Freetrade, so my login was no longer valid, and so I could not log on to retrieve my electronic statements. Darn. I ended up having to ask an Ameritrade rep to temporarily reopen the account so that I could log in and get my statements.

So he did that, and I was able to log in. Went to the electronic statements section and... electronic statements were down! Argh! I made do by getting 90 days' worth of transactions and printing that out. That should be equivalent to several monthly statements.

While I was looking at the account, I noticed that it had a balance of $22.25. Apparently, even after the account was closed, dividend and interest payouts continued rolling in. That struck me as rather tricky. I wonder how many people don't bother to check their old accounts after transferring out and how much cash is still stuck in what must be millions of dormant accounts. So I entered an ACH withdrawal for $22.25 to zero out the account. More funds for my North Korea Liberation Plan. :)