February 23rd, 2005


Oh, don't mind me... I'm just taking pictures of the scenery!

View of Paterson from Garrett Mountain View of Paterson from Garrett Mountain

The ALARM #10 - Veterans Point geocache was in nearby Garrett Mountain Reservation in Paterson, so I made a quick trip out to find it this afternoon. This part of the park, near the top of the mountain, is rather scenic as you can see nearly all of the city of Paterson from up there. But that's not where the story ends.

After I was done with the cache, I went to the scenic viewpoint at the parking area to take some pictures. Unbeknownst to me, there was a couple in the backseat of a large SUV at that location having -- how shall we say? -- amorous relations. A lunchtime quickie, in a manner of speaking. While I was taking pictures and pointing my camera here and there, they evidently got quite nervous. The man got out of the SUV and quickly put on his jacket. (He was wearing a set of teal-colored pajamas.) He dashed around to the front of the SUV, got into the driver's seat, backed the SUV out, went the wrong way and had to turn around, and then drove out of the parking lot.

Since I too had to leave anyway, I followed them out for part of the way, and I noticed that their new choice for a secluded parking area was next to a "Speed Hump Ahead" sign. Yes, speed hump indeed.