March 4th, 2005

fox sit

Here's where I find out what pupusas is.

Pupusas Pupusas

Went out to the International Food Mart in Spring Valley this evening because I haven't been out there in a while. The sad part about this store is every time I go there, I find that the international section is smaller than before. I think less than half of the store inventory now is actually imported foods. Everything else in there can be found at any supermarket. In addition, many of the groceries they offer seem to be domestic brands that have been repackaged for Latin American markets. So you would have a box of Ritz crackers, for example, except that everything on the box is written in both Spanish and English. I wasn't interested in that kind of thing since I was looking for something unusual.

Anyway, I couldn't find any Turkish delights, so I settled for a box of pupusas. (see picture above)

According to my proprietary tax tracking system (involving some Quicken printouts and a pencil), I was about 99% done with my taxes when Ameritrade sent a 1099-DIV correction. Waiting for all the corrections to come in is really the only reason why I have to wait until mid-March to file. This time, the corrections were very minor: only a dollar or two in each column. I suspect a REIT recategorized part of its distribution.