March 31st, 2005


Weekday Cache Dash

Noticed a bunch of quickie geocaches popping up in my area (Well, okay, that last one was 40 miles from home!) so I went for them this evening.

The Library (New Jersey)
Wooded area near a playground in Maywood. This one had some BookCrossing books in it. I didn't bring any BookCrossing books to trade so I left those alone.

Toid Cache 1 (New Jersey )
Residential street in Maywood.

Its A Craftsman Cache (New York)
One of the parking lots at the Crystal Run Galleria Mall in Middletown.

Cookie Comebacks VII: The Visual Edition

I hadn't been to that Chinese buffet with unlimited fortune cookies in quite a while, so I went this afternoon. As usual, I grabbed a bunch of cookies and saved all the fortunes. This time, instead of the usual commentary, I decided to enter the fortunes into Google Image Search to see what it turns up. And so, here is the result:

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