April 30th, 2005

fox yawn

Fabulous Friday

1. From the MacGyver Department: I was using the coin counting machine at the nearby bank when suddenly the machine stopped with a "Bag not installed" error. One of the tellers came over to take a look and found that something flimsy and plastic inside the otherwise-solid machine had snapped. I watched in amazement as she took a paper clip and a rubber band, and proceeded to fix the broken part. She called it "jury-rigging." And what's more, after she put everything back, the machine worked!

2. JPG Magazine: I almost forgot that the submission due date for issue 3 is coming up on Tuesday. I still need to find something "fabulous" to fit the issue's theme, but I'm leaning towards some fabulous skunk cabbage. :) I'm probably never going to get in because they want pictures that are at least 1,800 pixels wide and my camera only goes up to around 1,500 pixels wide, but you might want to enter if you have a good camera.

3. Apart from that, I also took a little time this evening to do minor updates to web pages, profiles, user infos, and such, mainly to add links to Flickr, Geosnapper, and a few other websites in which I've been participating.