May 6th, 2005

morton blvd


Might as well tackle more of the near geocaches...

Caching for Old Timers (New Jersey )
This one is at the Lodi Old Timers Little League Park in Lodi. The last time I was here, there was a little league game going on. This evening, there was also a little league game going on but I decided to go for the geocache anyway. I figured I could be discreet enough to conduct the search without anyone noticing. Besides, they were probably all looking at the game anyway.

Welcome to Maywood! (New Jersey)
This one is at the Herbert W. Nickerson Memorial Park in Maywood. It's a pocket park with a big "Welcome to Maywood" sign. The problem with this geocache is the coordinates are a bit off. I found the geocache about 50 feet from where the GPS pointed, after checking quite a lot of possible hiding spots.

Probably didn't have time for this but I played with Geobloggers this evening. I went through the last 200 photos in my Flickr photostream and geotagged 50 of them. It went pretty quickly once I got the workflow going. Basically, if I prepare all the tags in a Vim session, it's quick and easy to cut, paste, submit, and repeat.

What's cool is once I was done, I was able to call up a Google Map showing where my Flickr photos were taken.

See screenshot?Collapse )