May 11th, 2005

morton blvd

Clam Island is not an island

Went to Eagle Cache yesterday evening. It is on the Germonds Nature Trail in Nanuet. Rather short walk. Went to JB Clarke #1 this evening. This one is somewhat longer, a 1.2-mile round trip walk on a rail trail in Sparkill.

One might think this is rather obsessive, seeing as how I'm going out geocaching practically every evening. But when the weather's nice, it's good to go outside, take a walk, and forget about stuff for a while.

Lost another 3lbs, so I'm down to 225lbs. That may be another benefit from all this activity. :)

After over 300 pictures submitted, one of my photos finally became Approver's Choice at Wunderground! Funny thing is when I took that photo, I thought it wouldn't work out because there was too much glare from the setting sun. But I snapped the picture anyway, and it turned out to be somewhat interesting because of the reflection of the yellow sun on the waves.