May 13th, 2005


The Degree Confluence

This evening, I visited a degree confluence. It's a location where both the latitude and longitude are whole degrees. No minutes or seconds. It's actually the first time I've ever been to a confluence, although I have been to a few locations with repeating digits in their coordinates. So it was exciting.

The impetus for visiting this location in the woods of Old Tappan came when Harry Dolphin and Andy Bear (the local cetacean and ursine cachers :) ) placed the ET Dial 00.000 geocache. They'd visited that spot themselves for the Degree Confluence Project a week ago.

Starting from a residential area, I followed some well-worn trails until I got to within about 180 feet of that spot. Then the rest was simple. The confluence was a rather non-descript spot in the middle of a wooded area that looks the same in all directions. I wasn't expecting to see any degree lines on the ground, of course, but other than the nice round coordinates, there really wasn't much to see.

I also logged my visit at the Degree Confluence Project website.

Oh yeah, happy Friday 13th! :)