May 30th, 2005


The Forgotten Borough

Sunny day. Windy some of the time. Went to Staten Island today. I don't go there very often because cache placement in that area is at a very low level. It takes many months before there are enough geocaches for a day's worth of caching.

So what is Staten Island like? The stores, strip malls, and houses found all over the island look pretty much like what you would see in a suburb of Queens. The streets are not as busy as they are in other parts of New York City. Certainly not as busy as Manhattan. On the other hand, that doesn't mean it is any faster driving in Staten Island. There are numerous (mostly unsynchronized) traffic lights and stop signs everywhere you go.

Didn't run into any geocachers today, but I had an unusual amount of interaction with the locals. Two kids followed me down to Von Breezin' because it looked like I was going somewhere mysterious, magical, and forbidden. Mostly forbidden, even though it really wasn't. They were better climbers than I, which was good because then they could watch out for my missteps. They also had fun beachcombing and picking up small crabs. Later, at the entrance to S. W. Latourette, two kids drove up to me and told me that they wanted a picture of "someone with a hobby" for a school assignment. Gee, I wonder what the tipoff was. I guess people with no hobbies tend not to venture into overgrown sections of La Tourette Park. :)

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