May 31st, 2005


The island that is long

Last day of the Memorial Day weekend. Another great day. I thought there would be a lot of traffic because of everyone heading home from their road trips, but it really wasn't that bad. There was only a short delay at the Hunts Point bridge on the Bruckner Expressway on my way home.

The town of South Hempstead was having a parade so I had to detour around it. Not too difficult to do, and it gave me the opportunity to stop at a 7-Eleven for some buttered bagels.

"Holy **** a MICRO??" was nearly a disaster. What happened was I dropped the cache and it rolled away from me and fell through the grate. Fortunately, I was able to get it out again using a small loop of electrical tape. I also did a whole bunch of Seeker12 multicaches. Those are usually time-consuming, although some really weren't as difficult as the impression I got from reading the online logs.

The caches...Collapse )