June 12th, 2005


Lehigh Valley

Hot and sunny. Then it rained in the afternoon for some time.

There are lots of tricky geocaches in this part of Pennsylvania, but with a bit of insight and a whole lot of trying to pull this and that out, they aren't all that bad. Fren-Z came by when I was at "Saucon Micro," one of his caches. He said he knew that if he drove by enough times, he'd catch someone there. :) I also met Team4x4 at "8 Squirts is enough." I think they're new to the game, but I'm not sure.

I finally found the Wawa store that they've been hiding in the Lehigh Valley. It's near the "In the valley with no mountain" cache. Now that I know where the store is, I can swing by that way on my way home to pick up Wawa green tea iced tea. (which is like the Elixir of the Gods, only better) As a bonus, they also sell the Sunday paper on Saturday, although I think most of the Wawa stores near Philadelphia do that too. So I can get the Sunday paper Saturday evening and not have to bother getting it on Sunday.

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