June 13th, 2005


Long Island - 3904 down, 96 to go

Too hot for anything.

Long Island doesn't have Wawa, so I stopped at one of the many 7-Eleven stores. I saw that they had the Double Gulp for not much more than their other drink sizes. It's a half-gallon cup! There has to be a cupholder somewhere in this world that's big enough for it, but there certainly aren't any such cupholders in my car. I got a Double Gulp and filled it with iced tea. It was enough to last the rest of the day. As I mentioned, it was too big for the cupholders. So I put it on the passenger side floor and wedged it between the seat and something heavy, and that kept it reasonably safe from tipping over.

I have got to start coming home earlier. On my way home, I used a local road for the last few miles. It was deserted, except for this one guy following closely behind. I got to an intersection where I had to make a right turn. Oh good, I thought, he was making a left turn. After I made the right turn, I checked the mirror to see where he was and saw that his car was still at the intersection but it was facing a utility pole. I wonder how drunk or drugged you have to be in order to miss the road completely when making a turn.

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