June 26th, 2005



Signs of Old Age Department: This morning, I found a rather stale vegetable dish in the microwave oven. Worse yet, I couldn't remember when I microwaved that!

Way too hot today. So I decided to get the oil change done while waiting out the midday sun. Mileage was 215,005.

After lunch, I went to Rye Playland in Westchester. Actually, I first went over to the Edith Read Sanctuary, which was behind the amusement park, to get 3 geocaches. Then I went into Rye Playland to take a look at the rides and attractions. Had a funnel cake, while I was there.

After that, there was still some time, so I went to the Marshland Conservancy, two miles away, to get the last geocache of the day. By that time, the Tappan Zee Bridge traffic delay had gone away, so it was smooth sailing all the way home.

The caches...Collapse )