June 27th, 2005


Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess

I've been neglecting the East side of the Hudson for a long time, so today, I traveled up Routes 9 and 9D. Once again, it was a hot day. Because of the heat, I cherry-picked some geocaches that were not too long of a walk, although "Putnam's Redoubt" ended up a bit long anyway because I didn't see a shorter way to get around the gorge. Curiously, I also found a canceled check dated 1972 in the rocks near the "Putnam's Redoubt" geocache. I wonder what that was doing there. It's remarkably well-preserved for a check dated (both the written date and the bank's stamp on the back were 1972) before I was born.

The only real disappointment was I got to Long John Silver's right at closing time. In fact, all fast food restaurants in New Windsor seem to close at 9pm. (Wendy's has later hours for the drive-thru.) So I had to settle for Burger King in Ramsey. (Gee, the word "settle" makes it sound so bad.) While I was at the restaurant, there was an eccentric lady, wearing a hat and dark glasses indoors, who chatted off the ears of all the restaurant staff. I thought her endless conversation was rather amusing, like a Saturday Night Live skit that drags on for five minutes when it should rightfully be about five seconds. But I digress.

By the way, even she has seen bears in the woods (as I overheard midway into her conversation), and yet I still haven't come across a single one.

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