July 8th, 2005


Anthrocon Day 0

First thing I heard this morning on the radio was about the terror strike in London. It certainly was a horrific note on which to begin the day, and my heart goes out to all those who were killed or injured by the bombings.

Anyway, I started a bit late because I still had some stuff to load into the car. Took a convoluted route up via Princeton to I-95, Southwest to Bristol, across to Willow Grove, and then South to Philadelphia, picking up 8 geocaches on the way to the hotel. The only bad move I made was getting onto the Schuylkill Expressway at rush hour. There was a bit of a delay at the City Line Avenue interchange, which ironically was the interchange I would've used for last year's Anthrocon venue.

Checked in at the hotel and then did the con registration. Neither of those took very long. The longest line was at the elevators. Funny, we were told the elevators would be better this year, but by the first evening, one was already broken. However, the elevator line turned out to be a good place to find people, as that was where I ran into tjcoyote, kaysho and was1.

After getting my luggage up to the hotel room, I went to the pre-con mixer at the top level of the hotel. Met and talked to punktiger, tchall, and mejeep for a bit there. Then I went down to the lobby, and ran into cnipur and rynden, just before heading out to get dinner at the Wawa store two blocks South of the hotel.

After dinner, I headed down to the lobby level, which by then had become a gigantic hangout place. Went around reading badges to see if there was anyone I knew, and met husker_fox, tiggycat, balloonfox, and snow_kitty, among others. Also saw ripner in the elevator later.

The caches...Collapse )