July 16th, 2005

fox sit

Why I'm Not A Food Critic XXI

Yesterday evening, while I was in Allendale, I saw a new Chinese/Japanese restaurant with a "Grand Opening" sign at the strip mall. Its name is simply "Asian Cuisine," which may not be the best name because:

A: Where should we go for dinner?
B: Not sure. How about Asian Cuisine?
A: Yeah, I feel like Asian cuisine too, but where?

i.e. while the name is descriptive, it is generic.

Anyway, I didn't have dinner there at the time, but I had lunch there this afternoon. I figured if I didn't like it, at least the lunch specials are cheaper than the dinner entrees.

I had the curry with pork and brown rice, and the hot and sour soup. The hot and sour soup was the first item to arrive. It was above average. They didn't skimp on the mushrooms, so that added some flavor to it.

Then the curry pork was ready. It consisted of shreds of pork with onions and some vegetables in a curry sauce. I thought this was only about average, more or less the same as the curry at the other Chinese restaurants in the area. This isn't a fair test though. Of all the Chinese restaurants I've eaten at in the NYC tristate area, only a few had what I considered to be good curry. The kind I like is thick, rich, and artery-clogging, not the watered-down yellow soup one finds at many Chinese places. (Asian Cuisine's curry was better than watered-down yellow soup, but not ahead of the pack.)

Conclusion: I'll likely be a repeat customer. If the hot and sour soup was any indication, they could have a few other good dishes.