July 21st, 2005

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Palisades Center Update

Since I finished the laundry and a bunch of other things early, I decided that a trip to Palisades Center was in order. Apparently, I must not have gotten the memo. Even though I arrived shortly after 8pm, nearly all the stores were already closed. I thought the mall was open until 9:30pm on weekdays. I won't know if this is a one-time early closing or if they've changed their hours until my next weekday evening visit.

Fortunately, enough stores remained open that I could do what I needed to do. So I paid the Sprint PCS bill at the Sprint store. Then I went to Target, where I saw that they were remodeling the store. Because of the remodeling, all the aisles had been rearranged in a layout totally foreign to me. Everything's still there, but I couldn't find anything. Just like home. :)

I also noticed that Qdoba was finally open for business at the top level, or at least they would be open if they weren't already closed. I like the Qdoba at the Short Hills Mall, so I'll have to come back a bit earlier in the day to try this one.

Back on the home front, I finally rearranged enough stuff to move the computer into the living room. Why is this important? Because the living room is the only room with an air conditioner. At long last, I can get things done without sweating like Marlon Brando in that scene where he's dripping with sweat in The Island of Dr. Moreau.