July 22nd, 2005

fox sit

My Freeware List

Here's a long-overdue update to this entry. It's a list of freeware utilities I use regularly. Do you have any favorites? Please share.

K-Meleon: Gecko-based web browser (Version 0.9 is a bit dated. I use one of the unofficial builds.)
ZoneAlarm: Firewall
WinSCP: SCP/SFTP client
NcFTP: FTP client

Vim: Text editor
TiddlyWiki: Personal notebook

File Manager
Servant Salamander: File manager (1.52 was the last free version)

Desktop Utilities
TClockEx: Enhanced taskbar clock
The Wonderful Icon: Does way too many things
MacroMaker: Creates macros/recordings to automate repetitive tasks.
Web Safe Colors: Websafe color picker
EndItAll: Shuts down all applications

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