August 12th, 2005

Cane #2

Won't someone please think of the Children?

Gas prices were up 8 cents today. I went down the street this afternoon, and when I came back, they were 8 cents higher. One of the nearby gas stations just hit $2.559/gallon for regular unleaded. That's the highest price in this area. I didn't pass by the cheap gas stations today so I don't know what their prices are now, but I expect that they will be over $2.30 when I check them tomorrow.

Which leads up to this article over at I think it's a tad pessimistic because alternative oil sources will come into play long before we hit $200 per barrel. We could liquefy coal, for instance, or mine shale oil / tar sands. Of course, those resources will take time to develop so we're still vulnerable if there is a sudden spike in oil prices.

This evening, I went out to the nearby town of Chestnut Ridge to place the geocache in Children's Park. (Strangely enough, that's the name of the park. It's not just for children.) This park has a lot of paved paths. I took a walk all the way to the end of the park and saw a dirt path there. That seemed to be the quiet side of the park so that's where I left the geocache.

Later, I went to Palisades Center to claim my free chips and salsa at Qdoba. It's a freebie I got for registering my Qdoba card. I also had a chicken taco and tortilla soup, part of a "trio." I'm SO going to miss this after peak oil. :)

Text Editor of the Devil

There's an old gag about Vi being Satanic because if you say its name 3 times, that's 666 in Roman numerals.

Okay, someone recently pointed out the following in the Vim mailing list so I installed Vim 7.0aa to check it out:

Screen capture. lj-cut for image width...Collapse )

Keep in mind that Vim 7.0aa is an alpha version, so not all of the new features will make it into the final cut. :)

(Gotta love Bram's humor.)