August 15th, 2005


Sun-baked II

Won $51 million $10 in MegaMillions.

One extremely hot day is followed by... another extremely hot day. Go figure.

Gas prices went up again today. Nearby gas station was up by another 6 cents per gallon. I've been keeping track of my fillups using the fuel logbook feature at Gasbuddy. Today, I noticed that my average cost per gallon for this year has crept up over $2.

Traffic was nearly at a standstill going across the George Washington Bridge this morning. According to the radio traffic report, the delay on the Major Deegan Expressway was due to the Yankee game this afternoon. Since when did that happen? Isn't the stadium usually half empty and don't most people take the subway there? Anyway, I took the Manhattan route and crossed over to the Bronx using the Triboro Bridge.

Ran into KJDoyle at Stellenwerf's Lakehouse. He pointed out that he doesn't go out geocaching much, so it's amazing that this is the second time this year we've met at a cache site.

The weather cooperated and it only started raining after dinner. NYC was hit hard by the storm though and the journey home was slow-going because of the partially-flooded roads. Good thing I wasn't using the Hutchinson Parkway, which was closed due to flooding.

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