August 21st, 2005


How a Western NJ trip becomes Pennsylvania Lehigh Valley trip

My first stop of the day was to visit "11 7 of 9" because I figured out the puzzle earlier in the week and so I wanted to see if my answer was correct. (It's actually very simple. It just didn't come to mind right away because I haven't used this color code for about two decades.) But once I did one cache, I might as well do all the rest down I-80. Even so, I was doing pretty well at not using too much gas... until I decided to head down to Bethlehem to get the cache that I couldn't get on my last trip because of Musikfest. It's a bit further from Bangor to Bethlehem than I remembered.

After doing "My Third Hide" and returning to where I parked, I noticed that there was a police car in the parking area. No biggie, right? When I went to my car, the police officer drove over to where I was and started asking me what was in my bag, what I was carrying out of the woods, etc. Hmm... a bit suspicious, aren't we?

Ran into H-D Biker on my way to "Limestone Ridge #1." Looks like a new geocacher with only a few finds, although if they can do that cache, they're pretty good at searching already because GPS reception was rather weak there.

Dinner was at Biagio Pizza. As usual, Biagio and I talked about the pizza business and Where's George. He's adding features to his pizza place. There's a new video game machine, and he says that he's going to have a few coin-op vending machines installed. It's a win-win situation because there's no extra work for him and he gets a cut of the money from the machines.

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