August 30th, 2005


Modems and Pants

Ever since Access-4-Free imploded (or got sold to Earthlink, whatever), I've been looking for an inexpensive dialup service that I can use while on road trips. Ideally, there shouldn't be a monthly fee because it is pointless to pay to keep the account open for 11 of the 12 months of the year when I won't be using it. Anyway, I just stumbled upon Optimum Traveler. 600 minutes for $9.95 is not as good a deal as Access-4-Free was, but it'll have to do. Wonder why I never thought of checking with the cable provider until now.

The alternative is to stay at a place with wi-fi, but the cheap motels usually do not have that.

Pants don't seem to last very many years. Lately, I've not been particularly motivated to patch the pants that have gotten torn up. (although I hear distressed jeans have become trendy) So there is now a large pile of pants in the backroom waiting to be repaired. Because of that, I also needed to buy new ones. Oh bother. So this evening, I went to the Target store to get some pants. I tried on a pair of 44x30, the size I usually get. In the fitting room, I noticed that I could bunch up quite a bit of waistline in the front. Hmm... is that more than 2 inches of bunching? So I tried a pair of 42x30 and those fit! The nice part about that is size 42 is where the price breakpoint is, so here's where I start paying a little less for clothing.