September 3rd, 2005

face tree

Tiger in the tank

The nearby Holiday Inn is having a liquidation sale. It's actually been going on for nearly two weeks but I keep forgetting to check it out. So I should go take a look this weekend since I won't be traveling much because... you know. I doubt there'll be very much left in the last few days of the sale, although they still seem to have quite a number of toilets. Interestingly, International Liquidators is the same outfit that conducted the liquidation sale at the Adam's Mark in Philadelphia.

I've been taking more storefront pictures for Amazon Yellow Pages. Don't know why. Seems fun to do, and I can put the best of the bunch on Flickr later. I did part of Park Ridge the other day, and part of Ramsey's Main St. this evening.

Then I went to Quizno's to have a Honey Mustard Chicken Craveable Salad. The Quizno's manager, who seems to do practically everything in the restaurant, had been watching from the counter and asked if I was a photographer. So I told him. Cut for those who aren't into gas price talk...Collapse )