September 4th, 2005



Started the day by paying a visit to the Holiday Inn Liquidation Sale. They put nearly everything that was on sale in the main ballroom. I also took a look at some of the function rooms and those looked so bare after everything, including the carpeting, had been ripped out. I didn't buy anything because I didn't need any plates, forks, spatulas, or carafes. Didn't need any bedsheets, vases, or hotel Bibles either. They had a bunch of skillets from the kitchen too, but those look quite beaten up.

Then I went to Stockholm, Hamburg, Warwick, and Florida. You might think I'm absofrickenly insane, but... okay, the joke's not going anywhere. All of those are names of towns in Sussex and Orange Counties.

While going through Franklin (the town, not the turtle), I saw a man who looked just like Onslow. (of Keeping Up Appearances) So I waved to him. He probably gets that a lot. Also, just a few days ago, I saw someone who looked a lot like jbadger. So I have to wonder: What would you do if you saw someone who looks just like you? Would you go talk to that person? Or would you just pass that person by because you never know if your lookalike is some kind of psychokiller?

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