October 2nd, 2005


Outer Philadelphia

Last weekend with this car. On the premise that mileage wasn't a concern any more, I went on a Wawa-fueled odyssey (WFO) in Pennsylvania.

Not that it matters now, but the car's air conditioner stopped working.

I thought my car's engine was making weird noises because of the helicopter sound effect coming from it. But while I was at the Wawa parking lot in Mt. Holly, someone drove in with a car that made a noise like it was dragging along a bunch of tin cans. We could get all the cars making weird noises in South Jersey (and from what I've seen and heard on past trips, there are many), put them all together, and form an orchestra.

Weirdest location today was the "Kingdom of the Feral Cats." In that piece of woods (accessed through a bizarre gap in the fence where a tree is growing) there was a cathouse development: Two rows of cathouses and a bunch of rugs on the ground. However, I didn't see any cats the whole time I was there.

Tomorrow: Wawa-fueled Odyssey II (WFO2), and a possible guest appearance at a camping event.

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