October 3rd, 2005


Attack of the Flag Bearer

Down the Jersey Shore today. Perfect weather. Air conditioner still doesn't work. (I think it's just out of freon.) Not a problem.

Had an unexpected bonus at "Lucky Lotto". For the longest time, I passed on this cache because it was 3 stages and supposedly not a short walk between stages. Today, I decided what the hey? I'll go for it. And when I got there, I found that the cache owner had removed the 2nd and 3rd stages, and moved everything into the 1st stage. So it was a quick and easy one. Apparently, I'm also the last finder because the cache owner was preparing to remove it.

As I was driving through Lakewood along Route 70, I saw a man, dressed only in red/white/blue flag motive bodypaint, carrying a US flag and marching back and forth on the grassy roadside. Actually, I didn't know it was bodypaint until I checked the mirror and saw that his right buttcheek was left unpainted. Ugh.

I was planning to drop in on a camping event as a drive-by but by the time I got down to the Tuckerton area, it was late enough that I figured everyone would've left already. So I just continued onwards to that last geocache in Tuckerton, had some Wawa, and went home.

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