October 11th, 2005


Northwest NJ

Went to Sussex and Warren Counties today. It wasn't nearly as wet as yesterday's trip, but I still found one geocache sitting in a pool of water that had collected under a boulder. Did a bunch of geocaches in the Sparta WMA. After the 5th geocache, I had just about enough of walking through soggy wooded areas, so I tackled a bunch of geocaches in more built-up areas.

Ran into Trail Hound on my way to the "Hemlock Wall" geocache. We went in via two different trails and met up less than 200 feet from the geocache.

Finally got to see the Sussex County Fairgrounds because the "No Fair!" geocache was hidden at the perimeter of the fairgrounds. Interesting place. Farm-like landscape. I ought to go when the fair is actually happening.

Made a stop at the Quick Chek in Franklin. Okay, Northern NJ needs some Wawa stores if only to get good iced tea that isn't lemon-flavored.

The caches...Collapse )