October 17th, 2005


North and Central Jersey

Sunny and windy day.

I didn't think it was worth going to South Jersey so I planned to go only as far as I-195. However, that included a Wawa stop because of the "Bamboozled @ Wawa" geocache. It was a really tiny geocache. I started searching. Got hungry. Brought Wawa food out there and continued searching, and found it. One guy was parked nearby in his pickup truck and he probably saw me go into that area behind the bushes multiple times, but he didn't say anything.

Also came across a cricket. Bugs keep following me back, but as long as they're not ticks or mosquitoes, I don't mind.

The town of Roosevelt has a big scary FDR head.

I checked my gallery stats and noticed that I've uploaded 9,997 pictures to geocaching.com. Quick! I have to find another cache and upload 3 more pictures. :)

The caches...Collapse )