October 23rd, 2005

morton blvd

Resistance is futile

I wasn't going to go out because of the rain, and I've had enough rain this month already. But then I thought I'd get lunch at the Chinese supermarket. And the BORG geocache was on the way, so why not swing by and pick that up? So off I went into the soggy woods.

The BORG geocache is located in Borg's Woods in Hacksensack. As always, I started following the trail and then bushwhacked to the cache location because the trail wasn't going the right way. It was a well-hidden peanut butter jar so it took some looking but I found it.

Then I went to the Chinese supermarket to get lunch. Also shopped around the discount section and saw this. Hmm... does the DEA know about it? :)

Then, as if I hadn't already had enough mission creep, I went to the CompUSA in Paramus to see if they had any scanners. They did have a few for about $50. So I asked one of the salespeople to get a scanner from the storeroom. He came over to the aisle to check it out and told me that since it was a pink tag item, the display model was what they were selling. I turned towards him to ask if they still had the box and manual for it, but he had already vanished. Man, he's better than David Copperfield! Anyway, I took it as a cue to leave the store because I don't think they were really interested in selling anything.