October 28th, 2005


CT and MA

As planned I headed up through Connecticut. Bagged some geocaches just off the highway. Then went through Longmeadow and Springfield, MA. Came back into Connecticut to finish the day. Saw some fall colors, unusual sculptures, a dog sitting on a wooden barrier, and the Sputnik site. The most bizarre thing of the day was the 6-way traffic circle in East Longmeadow. What a mess. Barely got through it alive. :)

Checked in at the hotel. Moved some bags up to the room. (305) Some guy in the elevator was wondering why the button didn't work. It turned out that he was on the special club level, for which you need to insert your room key into the slot in order to activate the elevator button. I knew because I had to deal with that at the Raritan Sheraton, so I showed him what to do.

Then I went out again to get some dinner. Okay, first Burger King. I answered a phone survey so I had a coupon for a free Whopper with the purchase of fries and a drink. So I handed over the coupon to the cashier and he rang up a free Whopper without even looking at the "fries and drink" part of the coupon. Bonus! I'll take it.

Then I went to the convenience store at the Valero gas station. Got some milk and the Hartford County street atlas. (I've been navigating without a proper map all this time.) Total came to $16.15, so I counted out 17 dollars. The cashier gave me one of the dollars back, saying that she didn't want to break the dollar for 15 cents. Now, wait a minute. That's 15 cents, not 1 or 2 pennies! Change has lost all meaning, but hey... that's another bonus.

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